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At Hemp Gen, we strive to use innovation as a driving force for improving our yield and efficiency. Our growers and technicians chart data that we use to continuously improve our operating practices and procedures. 

We are currently working on cloning plants to use our own "mother plants" for future crops. Cloning is using grafts from a parent plant to use for production. Cloning maximizes female crop population.

Hemp Gen uses both greenhouse and field planting. Greenhouses allow for the growing season to be year round, as we can control the environment. 


Our current farm has sandy soil with pH less than 7.0. Soil that drains well is needed. Contact your county's Cooperative Extension office for soil testing on your farm.



Seeds for fiber are managed differently than seeds for CBD processing. For CBD, seeds are germinated in a controlled environment, and plants nurtured until well-rooted. For fiber, seeds are planted and nurtured in a variety of ways, often with plants grown in much closer proximity with less monitoring and controls.  


At Hemp Gen, seeds are grown year round in our greenhouse for seedlings or mother plants. Mother plants produce clones which are used for production and may take up to five months for mature flower or fiber mass. The seedlings are transplanted to the field for flower production. 

We have a variety of plant propagation techniques currently in practice. Extensive work with multiple strains of hemp plants, including Boax, Otto, and Cherrywine, has been performed to date.

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