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How We Work

Hemp Gen LLC is a minority-owned licensee in the NC Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. We are a local provider of premium grade hemp seeds, clones, flower and processed CBD oils and extracts. We also offer consulting and contract-based farming assistance to local growers. Let Hemp Gen assist you in fulfilling your dreams in the emerging North Carolina Industrial Hemp marketplace. 

Hemp Gen is devoted to retention of family and heir property retention. Contact us to discuss options for reducing your tax burden and creating opportunities to allow your family's land to work for you. 

The primary focus of our family-owned farm and greenhouse is hemp production and propagation. We constantly research, explore and implement new technologies and practices to optimize hemp production capacity. 


Hemp Gen processes their crop in a lab that consists of a rotary evaporators, water aspirators, chillers, fiber presses and vacuum pumps. Land equipment includes John Deere and Caterpillar machines to assist with cultivation and automation.


One of our goals is empowering and employing our community. Hemp Gen can provide farm assistance to those who choose to use their heir property for farming hemp. Depending on your needs, we can provide farm management and/or farm hands. 


At Hemp Gen, we operate organically, utilizing only green fertilizers and pesticides. All Hemp Gen products are certified to meet USDA and hemp industry standards for absence of heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, mold and fungi. 

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